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Rewarding podcasters: not only do episodes heard in the RadioPublic app earn money for podcasters through the Paid Listens rate and the Loyal Listener bonus (at no cost to the listener), we’re developing a healthy ecosystem and building a marketplace to support the long-term business models of all podcasters big and small. By listening with RadioPublic, The Celebrity Archaeology Podcast can stay financially sustainable to keep making episodes.

  • It works for everyone, everywhere: RadioPublic is available anywhere in the world; it’s 100% free (with no hidden charges or subscriptions); it’s easy to use; and it works on Apple and Android devices.
  • Easy to use: Listening on RadioPublic is as easy as turning on the radio. When you click on a show link, it opens directly in RadioPublic so you can listen right away. And when you finish an episode, you can use “radio mode” to hear shows you might not discover otherwise.
  • Privacy: RadioPublic doesn’t require a login, so you can start listening right away, and your privacy is always respected. In a world where “free” often comes with many strings attached, RadioPublic puts listeners first.
  • Open platform: While some podcast listening apps take a “walled garden” approach, RadioPublic is open to all podcasts. We’re built on RSS, an open web standard; we see openness as a core value and strategy; and are committed to moving the medium forward in collaboration with others.
  • Public benefit: RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation powered by bona fide podcasters’ extensive experience in public and not-for-profit media. We expand upon a fifteen year track record of supporting the distribution of audio content and paying independent radio producers and podcasters. We’re in this to contribute to a more sustainable podcasting ecosystem for everyone. Our mission, as embedded in our certificate of incorporation, reads:

    To help listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio.

    We share public media’s educational, artistic, and journalistic mission, and the democratic values of open access to information.

    We are committed to operating a platform that fairly values creators’ work, respects users’ privacy and information rights, and benefits all participants.

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