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PODCAST EPISODE 45 – The Divine Miss M

Bette Midler, born December 1, 1945, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, comedian, and film producer. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Midler began her professional career in several Off-Off-Broadway plays, prior to her engagements in Fiddler on the Roof and Salvation on Broadway in the late 1960s. She came to prominence in 1970 when she began singing in the Continental Baths, a local gay bathhouse where she managed to build up a core following.…

PODCAST EPISODE 44 – Cyndi Lauper


Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper, born June 22, 1953 is an American singer, songwriter, actress and LGBT rights activist. Her career has spanned over 30 years. Her debut solo album She’s So Unusual (1983) was the first debut female album to chart four top-five hits on the Billboard Hot 100—”Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “Time After Time”, “She Bop”, and “All Through the Night”—and earned Lauper the Best New Artist award at the 27th Grammy Awards in 1985. Her success continued with the soundtrack for the motion picture The Goonies and her second record True Colors (1986). This album included the number one single “True Colors” and “Change of Heart”, which peaked at number three.…

PODCAST EPISODE 43 – Jimmy Buffett, The Gulf and Western Phenomenon

James William Buffett, born December 25, 1946) is an American musician, songwriter, author, actor, and businessman. He is best known for his music, which often portrays an “island escapism” lifestyle. Together with his Coral Reefer Band, Buffett has recorded hit songs including “Margaritaville” (ranked 234th on the Recording Industry Association of America’s list of “Songs of the Century”) and “Come Monday”. He has a devoted base of fans known as “Parrotheads”.

Aside from his career in music, Buffett is also a best-selling writer and is involved in two restaurant chains named after two of his best-known songs; he owns the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain and co-developed the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chain.…

PODCAST EPISODE 42 – Ronald Farnham

Actor, author, producer & director Ronald Russell Farnham was born in New York and raised in Florida & NY., loves drama, action, and tension, began theatre in grade school, acting in Macbeth. As a kid he wanted to be a stuntman. He became an army linguist and privately contracted intelligence analyst for 13 years. His motion picture directorial debut was ADOR’s Step Up the Music video.

PODCAST EPISODE 41 – John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., born December 31, 1943, known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, whose greatest commercial success was as a solo singer. After traveling and living in numerous locations while growing up in his military family, Denver began his music career with folk music groups during the late 1960s. Starting in the 1970s, he was one of the most popular acoustic artists of the decade and one of its best-selling artists. By 1974, he was firmly established as one of America’s best-selling performers, and AllMusic has described Denver as “among the most beloved entertainers of his era”.…

PODCAST EPISODE 40 – Margaux Hemingway

Margaux Louise Hemingway (February 16, 1954 was an American fashion model and actress. The statuesque Hemingway earned success as a supermodel in the mid-1970s appearing on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and TIME. She signed a million-dollar contract for Fabergé as the spokesmodel for Babe perfume. She was the granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway. Her later years were marred by highly publicized episodes of addiction and depression. She committed suicide by drug overdose in 1996 at the age of 42.…

PODCAST EPISODE 39 – Roy Scheider

Roy Richard Scheider (November 10, 1932, was an American actor and amateur boxer.

Scheider gained fame for his leading and supporting roles in several iconic films from the 1970s, playing NYPD Detective Buddy “Cloudy” Russo in The French Connection (1971); NYPD Detective Buddy Manucci in The Seven Ups (1973); Police Chief Martin C. Brody in Jaws (1975) and Jaws 2 (1978); Doc in Marathon Man (1976); choreographer and film director Joe Gideon (whose character was based on Bob Fosse) in All That Jazz (which was written and directed by Fosse) (1979); and Dr. Heywood R. Floyd in the 1984 film 2010, the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.…

PODCAST EPISODE 38 – Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry McCord Van Dyke born July 27, 1931, was an American actor, musician and comedian. He was the younger brother of Dick Van Dyke.

Van Dyke made his television acting debut on The Dick Van Dyke Show with several guest appearances as Rob Petrie’s brother Stacey. While his infrequent starring roles were typically in poorly received sitcoms (My Mother the Car, one of the shows where he was the lead actor, is considered one of the worst sitcoms of all time), he enjoyed a long and successful career as a character actor in supporting and guest roles. 


Tracy Lauren Marrow (born February 16, 1958), better known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, record executive, record producer, and author. He began his career as an underground rapper in the 1980s and was signed to Sire Records in 1987, when he released his debut album Rhyme Pays; the second hip-hop album to carry an explicit content sticker after Slick Rick’s La Di Da Di. The following year, he founded the record label Rhyme Syndicate Records (named after his collective of fellow hip-hop artists called the “Rhyme Syndicate”) and released another album, called Power.…


Bo Derek, born Mary Cathleen Collins; November 20, 1956) is an American film and television actress, film producer, and model perhaps best known for her breakthrough role in the 1979 film 10. The film also launched a bestselling poster for Derek in a swimsuit, and subsequently she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1980s. She was directed by husband John Derek in Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981), Bolero (1984) and Ghosts Can’t Do It (1989), all of which received negative reviews. A widow since 1998, she lives with actor John Corbett. Now in semi-retirement, she makes occasional film, television, and documentary appearances.…

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