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Podcast Companion Weekly Updates







Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for the Companion are pushed out every Friday night, so LEAVE YOUR COMPANION POWERED ON FRIDAY NIGHTS TO RECEIVE THE FIRMWARE UPDATES. Just plug it in, red power light on and connected to the internet and sleep tight! These Friday night updates are very important, because the crew is constantly trying to make your user experience the best it can be.  We’re continuously adding more functionality and bug fixes in the coming months. Don’t miss your Friday night updates.



Update August 10, 2018
Version – 0.19.0

Version 0.19.0 enhancements and bug fixes:

.. ‘both upload and dissolve’ option added to ‘Send message’ recording menus (we are taking steps to reduce the number of dial clicks and turns needed to navigate the Companion). Eventually you will be able to navigate by voice.
..  added an audible indication added after dial press
..  T-T-S added to subscriptions feed
..  ‘1 day(s) ago’ changed to ‘yesterday’ on T-T-S timestamps
.. avoid T-T-S filename collisions that could lead to wrong T-T-S associated with a message
.. enabled T-T-S to automatically retry after failing to connect with google backend services.


Update August 3, 2018
Version – 0.18.0

Version 0.18.0 enhancements and bug fixes:

New Features:
1- You can add an answer to your ask-all from within the inbox. Create an ask-all. answers come to your inbox. hear the answer, and you can reply to the person privately, or publicly by adding a new answer to your ask-all.
2- Added ‘mute bin’ and ‘mute thread’ functionality
3- Changed order of like feed to show most recently active on top
4- Plays sound effect when in “listen” to all answers feed and land on newest or oldest answer
5- Firmware version number now available in Settings feed.

Biggest bug fix:
Changed and fixed the way T-T-S  (text-to-speech) behaves when it cannot get a fast enough internet connection. This issue caused a bug with previous build.


Update July 27, 2018
Version – 0.17.0

Version 0.17.0 enhancements and bug fixes:

1. Your history of ask-alls can be downloaded to any device or computer

2. Text to speech reading of name and tag is now available on questions feed and is gender specific, male voice for ask-alls created by men, female voice for ask-alls created by women. text to speech reading of name also added in listen to all answers feed.

3. When dictating tags of unlimited length, there is now a sound effect when starting and stopping dictation, and the gap between ending dictation and being able to edit the tag or upload the recording has been shortened considerably

4. The listen to answers feed is now circular.  for example, if you are on the oldest answer (bottom of the feed), turning the dial clockwise plays newer answers, one after another, but turning the dial one position counter clockwise plays the newest answer (top of the feed). as before, if you let an answer play to completion, the answer after it will auto play.

5. Tapping the touch switch to pause/resume now works during tts playback, and in the silent gaps between tts playback repeating itself.

6. Poetry feed has been added into the ‘change feeds’ menu.

Recap of enhancements included in past Companion updates:

.. fast forward and rewind
.. pause/resume recording
.. bookmark
.. unlimited number of characters allowed in tag, can add up to three tags
.. non-ephemeral inbox (ephemeral – lasting a very short time)
.. podcast feed (by top and by genres) with Vorail type discovery
.. owners only feed
.. pleasant five minute chime instead of double horn blast


Update July 20, 2018

Version 0.16.0 enhancements and bug fixes:

You can now dictate custom tags. Two known issues here: 1 – there is no beep or indication that the Companion is recording your dictated tag. 2 – After you dictate your tag, the Companion will go silent while it converts your speech-to-text. Give the companion 2 full minutes before giving up. There is a lot of silence while we wait for speech to text to complete.

The most notable bug fix in this release is you don’t have to push the main dial twice to select a menu item. Now all menu items can be selected on the first click, without having to click a second time.

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