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Please note that some of the links found on this website are affiliate links. And at no additional cost to you, paid by the seller, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase which helps pays for the various costs of running this website. Please understand that I have previously used these products. Do not feel the need to purchase these products but if you do please use these links. If you have any additional questions on how I optimize the use of these products please let me know.


Let us deliver your message and start your advertisement with this new podcast offering inexpensive introductory rates.

Contact if you would like to advertise on CelebrityArchaeology or if you have any questions. Payments are accepted via Venmo (search for Adam Scull) or Paypal to CelebrityArchaeology @ gmail at the email above.

Our combined skills and expertise make the Celebrity Archaeology collective a unique team dedicated to the art and craft of celebrity photography from years past. We work tirelessly on an ever-growing project list, each and every podcast is given the utmost attention for enjoyment and clarity to the listener. We deliver our podcasts with you in mind.

Every single second of audio that passes through our production process matters to us, and most importantly – to you.

Podcast Consumers

  • Largely the 25 to 25 demographic, affluent, educated young professionals
  • Often listen at work or on public transit
  • Use social media more than the standard U.S. population
    • 64% use social media “several times a day”
    • 48% follow brands (vs 31% of U.S. social media users)
  • Disproportionately interested in creative endeavors, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.Proof: Celebrity Archaeology on Instagram (as of 6/7)





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Sponsorship & Partnership Rates

    • Dedicated social media campaign + exclusive sponsorship of an episode. Branded multimedia web feature (video, audio, and/or photos), exclusive, detailed mention during mid-roll break and inclusion in show notes, and multiple social media mentions. ($X)
    • Exclusive sponsorship of an episode. Exclusive mention during mid-roll break, inclusion in show notes, and social media mention. ($X)
    • Co-sponsorship of an episode. 30-second mention during mid-roll break, inclusion in show notes, and social media mention. ($X)
  • Integrated content. Full integration with the subject matter of an episode of Celebrity Archaeology, or custom content for your platform. ($X)



The featured podcast microphone of this week is the Samson G-Track Pro. I use this microphone myself, and so do many others. Tweet me if you use a Samson G-Track Pro, as well! And if you would like to use this same great microphone, learn more about it and buy it through, and that will help support the podcast.


We Offer Solutions

Our target market for advertising is aimed at photography, computers, tablets and related items. We want help you get results that you have not gotten before and build our audience, for you and the website. We are here to help you spread the word of what you have to offer, and we will pronounce your products over multiple social media paths.


Both the front page and the list of podcasts are accessed daily, who are actively looking for interesting podcasts. We do, however, not guarantee a certain number of visitors during your advertisement period.


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