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What Our Listeners Are Saying
If knowledge is power than CelebrityArchaeology is your electric company.


The Celebrity Archaeology Podcast
by Linda Jack

If you’re not following CelebrityArchaeology on Instagram or listening to their podcast, you aren’t as smart as you could be. Great insights to be had on all these stars. Cary Grant and Dean Martin-fab!



Farrah’s Angels
by Franco954

What a great way to hear about our stars of the past. Listening to Farrah’s story brought tears to my eyes, but they were also tears of joy that brought such great memories. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work.



Anna Nicole Smith
by Buckwheat504

EXCELLENT. ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! Simply put, this was the best recap of the life and times of an interesting celebrity. Anna Nicole was the subject of many conversations in my family. The world would benefit from knowing more about the life and times of our celebrities. This was excellent research done by podcaster Adam Scull. I am new to listening to this medium. It was most entertaining and I would suggest my friends and family listen to this podcast. It was very informative and better than other sites.


Very interesting
by Remy & Lola

“Adam saw and photographed it all in the gilded 80’s and Studio 54”.






Former PR to Ms. Smith – 5 stars

“Fantastic. Great podcast, totally accurate.





“I really enjoyed this discussion with Adam. He asked good questions and kept the pace of the show moving. We talked about lots of stars I’ve worked with and he stimulated a lot of memories. “
by author bk

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